Discovery Series: Art of the Northern Renaissance with Niko Chocheli

July 1, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

5 Mondays: 6/17 (7pm), 7/1 (7pm), 7/29 (7pm), 8/12 (7pm), 8/19 (6:30pm)

Niko Chocheli’s unique art history series continues to explore the Great Renaissance Masters of Northern Europe: Dürer, Holbein, and Cranach, their lives, and masterpieces against the broad background of the 16th century.

The series “Art of the Northern Renaissance” will conclude Hans Holbein the Younger’s late life and work at the the court of Henry the VIII, and will show the impact of this king’s reign on art and culture. From Renaissance England we will move to the same period in Germany to study Albrecht Dürer, and proceed to the later Renaissance Master, Lucas Cranach the Elder. All of these masters’ groundbreaking achievements forever changed the art of Landscape and Portrait painting.

As a Fine Artist and art historian, Niko’s classes are engaging and go beyond the usual facts and dates to cover a broader history of art from ancient times to the present, leading the student to understand how the philosophy and perspectives of the past have influenced great masters throughout the centuries until today.

6/17 – 7:00 pm “Henry the VIII and Five Good Emperors”
7/1 – 7:00 pm “Two Ambassadors”
7/29 – 7:00 pm “A Deer Runs Through Germany”
8/12 – 7:00 pm “Lucas Cranach the Elder”
8/19 – 6:30 pm “The Never-tiring Brush”