Internet Use: Acceptable Use Policy

Indian Valley Public Library will provide public access to the Internet as part of its reference information services.  Internet access does not include personal communication services; specifically, chat rooms and instant messaging services.

Users need to be aware that not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information.  Some material may be controversial or offensive in nature.  The library is unable to screen or censor internet access and cannot be held responsible for any material found on the Internet or damages resulting from use of this service.

The library requires responsible use of its Internet service.

 1. Hardware and software may not be modified, abused or destroyed.

 2. The system may not be used to retrieve or use sexually explicit material as defined in Title 18 PaCS 5903, or violent material.

 3. Materials found on the internet must be used in accordance with copyright laws.

The library reserves the right to ask any user to relinquish the use of the system at any time. When Internet use is heavy, playing games online may be limited.

Approved by the IVPL Board of Trustees: December 19, 1992
Reviewed and Amended: October 14, 1999
Reviewed and Amended: September 15, 2005