Magazines and Newspapers

Updated April 2014


(C= Current year; 4+C means that we keep the magazine four years plus the current year)

Current magazines and newspapers are located in the Reading Room unless otherwise stated.  Older issues are located in the Office Hallway unless otherwise stated.




AARP Bulletin, (1+C)


AARP: The Magazine, (1+C)


Air & Space [Smithsonian], July 2012-March 2013; Dec. 2013- 


American Ancestors (formerly New England Ancestors), (2+C)            GENEALOGY


American Artist, (2009-2012) (ceased publication)


American Gardener, 2010-


American Girl, (2+C)  CHILDREN’S ROOM


American Heritage, 2004 – Summer 2012 (ceased publication)


American History, 1999-


American Rifleman, (2012-2013)


Americás, 2010-May/June 2012 (ceased publication)


Ancestry, 2007-Mar/Apr 2010 (ceased publication)GENEALOGY


Animal Baby     (assorted issues 2009 - 2012)  CHILDREN’S ROOM


Antiques & Collecting Magazine, 2004-June 2011; name changed to Treasures, July 2011


Appleseeds, (2+C)  CHILDREN’S ROOM


Archaeology (2+C)


Architectural Digest, (4+C)


The Artist’s Magazine, 2012-


Atlantic Monthly, (1+C)


AudioFile  (3+C)


Audubon, Nov/Dec 2013 -      


AWI Quarterly  (Animal Welfare Institute)  (2+C; Summer 2012-Summer 2013)                                 




Barron's, 3 months


Better Homes & Gardens, (1+C)


Bicycling, (1+C)


Big Backyard, (2+C)    (name changed to Ranger Rick, Jr. 12/2012)     CHILDREN'S ROOM


Bon Appetit, (4+C)


Book Links, (2+C)(ask librarian)


Booklist, (4+C)  (ask librarian)


Boy’s Life (2+C)YA ROOM


Bucks County Genealogical Society Newsletter, 1982-1996  GENEALOGY


Bucks County Historical Society Journal, 1973-1977


Bucks County Magazine (formerly Bucks County Town and Country Living), 2012-


Bucks County Town and Country Living, 1993-2012               




Bulletin of the Historical Society of Montgomery County: 


see Historical Society of Montgomery County Bulletin.


Car and Driver, (1+C)


Christianity Today, (2012-March 2013)




Cobblestone, (2+C)  CHILDREN’S ROOM


Computers in Libraries, (1+C)(ask librarian)


Consumer Reports, (4+C, circulating) (6+C reference)  CONSUMER AREA


Consumer Reports on Health, 4+C    CONSUMER AREA


Cooking Light, (4+C)


Cooks Illustrated (4+C)


CPI Detailed Report (online)


Crafts 'n Things, (4+C)




Crisis (2+C)


Current Biography Yearbook, 1961-  (Ref 920.03 Wilson)BIOGRAPHY AREA


Custom Home, (2011-2013)


Der Reggeboge    (see in “R” under Der Reggeboge)


Digital Photo, (2+C)


Discover, (3+C)


Discovery Girls (2+C)  YA ROOM


Disney Family Fun  (see Family Fun)


E Magazine, (2010-June 2013; suspended publication)


Early American Homes, June 1996-2000      (name changed to Early American Life)


Early American Life, 1970-May 1996; 2001-        (formerly Early American Homes)


Ebony, (1+C)


Economist, (1+C)                                                                    


Education Digest, (4+C)


Elderhostel – name changed to Road Scholar


Entertainment Weekly, (1+C)


Es Elbedritsch (newsletter of the PA German Society)   (C)      


Esquire, (2013-Feb. 2014)


Expedition, 2001-




Family Circle, (1+C)


Family Fun, (4+C)  (Name changed to and from Disney Family Fun)


Family Handyman, (4+C)


Fine Woodworking, 2012-


Fitness (1+C)


ForeWord (3+C)  (Ask librarian)                         


Fortune, (1+C)   

Golf Digest, 2012-   


Good Housekeeping, (1+C)


GRID, Sept. 2013-


Harleysville News (microfilm), 1886-1912


Harpers, (2+C)


Health, (1+C)


Hemmings Motor News, (2+C)  


Highlights, (2+C)   CHILDREN'S ROOM


Historical Society of Montgomery County Bulletin, 1943-         


Horn Book, 1997- (ask librarian)


Horticulture, (4+C)


INC Magazine, (1+C) 


Intelligencer, 3 months


Intelligent Optimist, (1+C)     [formerly Ode; name changed July 2012]                                     


International Wildlife, 1985- May / June 2000


Investors Business Daily, 3 months


Jet, (2+C)


Johns Hopkins Health After 50,  Nov. 2013-     [current issues in Reading Room, earlier in CONSUMER AREA]


Kelly’s Blue Book, Used Cars, (C)CONSUMER AREA


Kelly’s Blue Book, Older Used Cars, (C) CONSUMER AREA


Kiki Mag (2+C)  YA ROOM


Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, (1+C)             


Ladies Home Journal, (1+C)


Ladybug, (2+C)  CHILDREN'S ROOM


Lehigh Valley Business (3 months)


Library Journal, (4 + C)  (ask librarian)


Life, 1963-1973;  Oct. 1978-May 2000   (WORKROOM)


Life (microform)1956-1964 (missing May-August 1959)  (STORAGE)


Local Climatological Data, Dec.1997-Dec. 2011 + Online


LOCUS: the magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy, Aug. 2013-


Maclean's (2010-Sept. 2013)                                                              


MacWorld, (1+C)


MAD, (4+C)                                                                           


Martha Stewart Living, (1+C)


Mennonite Family History, 1986-                                             


Mennonite Historians of Eastern PA. Newsletter, 1989-1997(name changed to MHEP Quarterly)                            


MHEP Quarterly, 1998-                                                          


            (formerly Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania newsletter)


Model Aviation, (1+C)


Money, (1+C)                                                                         


Montgomery County Law Reporter  3 months              


Montgomery County Town and Country Living, 2000-2009 (ceased publication)


Morning Call (Allentown)  3 months


Morningstar Mutual Funds, (C) BUSINESS TABLE


Mother Jones, (2+C)


Motivos: Bilingual Magazine    (1+C)


Motor Trend, (1+C)


Ms., (1+C)


Muse, (2010-2012)  CHILDREN’S ROOM


NAMI, (1+C)


National Geographic, 1915-      (STORAGE)


National Geographic Index, 1888 – present  (ask librarian)


National Geographic Kids, (2+C)CHILDREN'S ROOM


National Geographic Traveler, (3+C)


National Review, (2012)


National Wildlife, 1990-


Natural History, 1986-1999


Needle Arts, 2003-June 2010


New England Journal of Medicine, (2009-2012)


New Republic, (2011-2012)


New York Times, (paper form) 3 months


New York Times, (microform) 1979-81; 1985-                       


New York Times Book Review, (paper form) 6 months


New York Times Index, 1979-1981; 1985-93       STORAGE


New York Times Magazine, (6 months)


New Yorker, (1+C)


News-Herald (Perkasie)  3 months


Newsweek, 2010-2012                                                                      


O, the Oprah Magazine, (4+C)


Organic Gardening, 2005-




Outside, (1+C)


Parents, (3+C)     RAINBOW ROOM 


The Paris Review, 2005- Fall 2011


Pennsylvania Angler and Boater, (3+C)


Pennsylvania Folklife, 1958 – 1997 (incomplete holdings)


Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, 1965-1988 (incomplete holdings)


Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings and Addresses, 1900, 1904-08, 1912, 1916-17, 1920, 1927, 1944, 1946, 1948


Pennsylvania Heritage, 1980-   


Pennsylvania History, 1956-2009 (incomplete holdings)                                               


Pennsylvania Magazine, 1986- 


Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 1877-1892; 1966-2012; (incomplete)                      


People Weekly, (4+C)


Philadelphia Business Journal, 6 months                                                


Philadelphia Inquirer, (paper form) 3 months                


Philadelphia Magazine, (2+C)                                                  


Popular Mechanics, (1+C)


Popular Photography, (1+C)


Popular Science, (4+C)  (back issues near Technology books)


Preservation, 2012-


Prevention, (1+C)


PSBA Bulletin (PA. School Boards Assoc.), (1+C)


Psychology Today, (1+C)


Public Libraries, (2+C)    (ask librarian)


Publisher's Weekly, (2+C)    (ask librarian)


Ranger Rick, (2+C)  CHILDREN’S ROOM


Ranger Rick, Jr. (2+C) name changed from Big Backyard 12/2012       CHILDREN’S ROOM


Reader’s Digest, (1+C)


Reader’s Digest Large Print, (2+C)                                          


Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature, 1900-2011; 2013-   HALLWAY & STORAGE


Real Simple, (2+C) 


Redbook, (1+C)


Der Reggeboge (The Rainbow):  Jrl of the PA German Society, Sept. 1974-April 1982, 1996-2006#1; 2007#2; 2008-           


Reporter, 6 months


Road Scholar, (C)        (formerly Elderhostel)


Rolling Stone, (3+C)                                                                


Rotarian, 2008-          PA ROOM


Runner’s World, (1+C) 


Saturday Evening Post, Jan/Feb 2014 -


School Library Journal, (2+C) (ask librarian)


Science, (2010-2012)   (back issues near Technology books)


Science and Children, (3+C)                                                                 CHILDREN’S ROOM


Science News, (4+C)  (back issues near Technology books)


Scientific American, (3+C)    (back issues near Technology books)


Seventeen, (1+C) YA ROOM


Shambhala Sun, 2012-


Sheet Music Magazine, 1982-  2012 (publication suspended)  NonFic ROOM (with Music books)


Shonen Jump (2011-2012)     YA ROOM


Sierra, (2+C)


Sky and Telescope, (1+C)    (back issues near Technology books)   


Smithsonian, 2005-       


Souderton Independent, (paper form) Nov. 22, 1882-        WORKROOM/STORAGE


Souderton Independent, (microform) June 2, 1881-


Sound and Vision, (2012-Jun/Jul/Aug 2013)


Southern Living, ((1+C)


Spider, (2+C)   CHILDREN’S ROOM


Sports Illustrated, (4+C)


Sports Illustrated for Kids, (2+C)    CHILDREN'S ROOM


Standard & Poor's Bond Guide (1+C, plus January issues 1999-present)          BUSINESS TABLE


Standard & Poor’s Outlook, (C)     BUSINESS TABLE


Standard & Poor's Standard Corporation Descriptions  BUSINESS TABLE


Standard & Poor's Stock Guide, (1+C, plus January issues 2002-present)        BUSINESS TABLE


Stone Soup, (2+C)    CHILDREN'S ROOM


The Sun (2010-2012; 2014-)


Teen Ink (2010-12 assorted issues; 2014 -       )     YA ROOM


This Old House, (2+C)


Threads, (4+C)   


Time, (4+C)                                                                            


Time, (microform) 1950-


Treasures,  2011 – (formerly Antiques & Collecting Magazine)


USA Today (newspaper)  3 months


Utne Reader, (2+C) 


Valley Item, 3 months


Value Line Investment Service, (C)     REFERENCE DESK


Vanity Fair, (1+C)


Vegetarian Times, (3+C)


Wall Street Journal, 3 months


The Week, (1 + C) 


Wild Animal Baby, (2010-2012; ceased publication)      CHILDREN’S ROOM


Woman's Day, (1+C)


Workbench, 2008-2009 


Writer’s Digest (2+C)


Yankee (1+C)


Yes!, 2012-     (3+C)


Your Big Backyard       (name changed 9/2011 to Big Backyard


and to Ranger Rick, Jr.12/2012))   CHILDREN'S ROOM